Doorman of the Month

The Doormen of 445 E. Ohio St., Chicago, IL

The doormen of my building have done excellent job. They are always ready with a smile, ask me how my day goes, and quickly open the front door. Most importantly, they always send the pizza guy up as quickly as possible. It's like they have known me for more than just the couple months that I have lived in the building. I appreciate their hard work and dedication to their job and salute them with the Doorman of the Month award.

Previous Winners

Adnan Khan - 2470 N. Clark St. , Chicago, IL

Khan has always been firm but fair. He always made me use the keypad to dial-in to Smock's apartment even though he saw me at least three times a week. However, when Smock and I were enjoying some spirits with our  ladies and gentlemen friends and the noise escalated to loud, but reasonable, levels, Khan would defend us to unfriendly neighbors and tenants. He knew we needed to unwind after a rough week at the office.

James - 1630 Chicago Ave. , Evanston, IL

As James always says, "You have to give credit where credit go." And the credit goes to James. While we may not have understood everything James said, my friends and I in the building always had fun encounters with our favorite doorman. Unfortunately, James had fallen onto some hard times a few months ago - his toe almost needed to be amputated. We hoped the Doorman of the Month award would help soothe his pain, if only temporarily.